Case Study

Bracket Inventory Recall

The Challenge

Snap was tasked with a product recall that needed to be completed in full before the holiday season when sales were at their peak.  Over 100,000 TV brackets needed inventory across 635+ retail locations. Specifically, the labels on the brackets had errors that would affect the POS checkout and tracking of product sales. Because this was a retail environment, both metro and rural locations were in need of service. Furthermore, retail stores would not close for service, therefore work needed to be performed around employees and customers without disrupting business. Lastly, site contacts were constantly changing due to the hours and days that service was carried out.

The Solution

To manage the complexity in timing and service hours, Snap provided a scheduling list with days of planned visits for each retail location. Snap also inventoried the number of stickers required at each location and shipped them accordingly. Stickers were shipped directly to Snap Technicians in order to ensure proper inventory management and quality. Real time site completion updates were provided to track project progression, and deliverables were provided post installation for verification and peace of mind.

The Impact

Snap provided a turnkey solution to both the client and the retail stores through scheduling, inventory management, and post deliverable presentation. Execution of this solution took place during normal business hours and after hours, which allowed each store to stay open and maintain business. Proper POS tracking of sales was established before the big holiday season, ensuring that no one lost out on sales.