Case Study

Microsoft Surface NFL Project

The Challenge

Snap was given a two week window to integrate and ensure full functionality of new product into Microsoft stadium carts before the NFL pre-season started. The new product was to be integrated in carts that were already located at all the NFL stadiums. Part of the logistical challenge in this project included parking, security, and stadium size to locate the carts. In addition, the stadiums were too big and the site contacts were too dispersed to accept shipment of the new product. After installation, product testing needed to be completed to verify it was working and ensure no loss in performance.

The Solution

Snap took all pre-existing contact information and identified existing, additional, and new site contacts. Additionally, all parking, security, and logistics were coordinated on the front end. To resolve the complexity with product shipment, product was sent to each Snap Technician to ensure its reception and inventory management. All locations were completed within the allotted time frame.

The Impact

Snap’s partner experienced peace of mind knowing that product management and inventory were being taken care of. They could also be confident that each cart was fully functional before team activities started. Lastly, each stadium’s primary and, if needed, secondary contacts were established for future coordination.