Case Study

Mounting Bracket Recall Rollout

The Challenge

Because this was a product recall rollout, the environment was sensitive, the customer was seeking immediate support, and timing was critical. Site locations spanned across all geographic locations and time zones within the US and parts of Canada. Additionally, the majority of end users were residential customers and therefore work had to be performed around their changing schedules, including during nights and weekends as needed.

The Solution

Snap completed the swap out of over 1,500 mounting brackets across the nation at over 1,350 commercial and residential locations in 90 days.  A team was dedicated to work morning, noon and night, scheduling post delivery of the product. The Client Portal was continually updated to help manage work flow and provide updates. Finally, pictures and signed paperwork were provided to verify completion of each swap out, along with post-calls to each end user to ensure satisfaction.

The Impact

Snap’s ability to meet the heavy demands of this project enabled the customer to maintain their reputation; demonstrating how quickly and precisely they could react in a product recall environment. End users were given peace of mind, and future product recall issues were prevented.