Case Study

Multi-Display Video Wall Installation

The Challenge

Snap was asked to coordinate and install 107 displays throughout a large, corporate call center. With an aggressive timeline of 1 week to complete the installation in preparation for the facility going live, our project management team had to quickly mobilize our boots on the ground to ensure a path to success. Snap’s technician were responsible for hanging the brackets and installing both video walls and single monitors, as well as documenting the correct receiver connections.

The Solution

Through the coordination of multiple contractors and vendors to accommodate varying site requests, Snap utilized its internal project management software to gauge site readiness and scale accordingly. Due to changes and unforeseen challenges on site, adaptation and quality assurance checks were key to executing in accordance with site expectations and timeline.

The Impact

Following the on-site installation by Snap’s team of contractors, the call center was left with signage that effectively showcased technology throughout. The customer was pleased with the expedited completion by Snap to ensure their live date was on track. These integrated displays will provide efficiencies in the management of digital content for employees and partners of the facility.