Case Study

Multi-LED Experience Installation

The Challenge

The scope of work for this project consisted of installing multiple direct view LED experiences at a top attraction center in Florida. An aggressive deadline was in place for the completion of the project to accommodate the grand opening of a new wing at the facility. Additionally, the new area held a heavily active construction zone, demanding special safety requirements and training prior to the start of installation.

The Solution

To ensure the deadline was executed on time, Snap simultaneously coordinated four service teams on site for the duration of the project. These service teams secured proprietary and standardized safety certifications and obtained all the necessary equipment. As the installation progressed, the teams divided the work among themselves to be as efficient as possible. Snap’s designated Project Managers proactively assisted each team with any logistical or technical concerns that arose.

The Impact

With the project completed successfully, both on time and within budget, the top attraction center properly welcomed its guests for the grand opening of its new wing. The LED displays that were integrated create a truly unique experience that will help the center draw in larger audiences. Unintended crowds will gather and fill the new wing in amazement of the striking experience.