Case Study

Nationwide QSR Digital Menu Board Installation

The Challenge

The scope of this digital rollout consisted of converting 250+ fast food restaurants from static menu boards to digital menu boards in under 3 months. Each store required the work to be completed after hours, with a unique layout for each menu board. All stores were active with limited product capacity; therefore, all product was shipped to central hubs, picked up and delivered by our service teams. Installations occurred in only a handful of cities, requiring resources to be added to maintain the deadline.

The Solution

Snap’s Project Management team coordinated 13 different service teams to work each night simultaneously across the various locations. To ensure quality assurance on every installation, Snap dedicated a third shift Project Management team that worked through the night. All product pick-ups were tracked internally and inventoried in real time to avoid unsuccessful installations.

The Impact

These QSR’s were able to keep their stores open without loss of business, all while upgrading their menu boards.  The installation schedules were maintained and digital menu boards were operational the following morning to maintain their flow of business. The new digital menus allowed each store to offer updated promotions and real time advertising updates.