Case Study

Nationwide LED Display Rollout

The Challenge

Snap was awarded the challenge of installing both ceiling and floor mounted direct-view LED experiences at high-end retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. The schedule posed the greatest obstacle, with site access taking place after business hours in over 50 of the locations. Due to the nature of retail, this nationwide rollout had an aggressive timeline of three weeks; starting in mid-October and requiring completion by Black Friday in November.

The Solution

To meet the expedited timeframe, Snap Project Manager’s allocated the proper resources to adhere to the strict overnight/weekend installation schedule. Each crew was tasked with providing innovative solutions to locally source specific materials that would elevate their success on-site. Internally, Snap Project Manager’s directed all aspects of the project; from individual on-site coordination, confirmation of material logistics and, finally, seeing the execution on installation through to fruition.

The Impact

While keeping the quality of work at the highest level possible, our team collectively completed all sites as scheduled before the Black Friday deadline.  With the LED displays complete, each store featured a new and unique experience for their customers that played as the focal point during their busy holiday season.