Case Study

QSR Digital Menu Board Installation Rollout

The Challenge

Snap was tasked with performing installations of digital menu boards overnight so that when sites opened in the morning, the static menus were already replaced with the new digital signage. This project required managing after-hours logistics and communication with night-time security. Furthermore, each install had different product requirements.

The Solution

Snap began with performing site surveys at each location, which allowed the team to consult with the customer in person and advise on specific products that were needed.  All coordination was done directly with store owners. Snap also assigned an after hours Project Manager to provide real-time updates and ensure that each install was completed successfully.  At the end of each install, check-ins and check-outs of internet connectivity were conducted to ensure digital menus displayed in the morning.

The Impact

Because work was performed after business hours, stores were able to maintain normal operations with no disruption. Inventory management was provided by Snap and therefore not a concern for storeowners. Quality assurance was provided through real-time pictures and checkout connectivity tests.