Case Study

Residential Fireplace TV Installation

The Challenge

Snap was tasked with meeting some very specific requirements for this installation. It was of paramount priority to the end user that the TV be installed over a fireplace with the low voltage wires concealed and the electrical outlet relocated.  Additionally, the end user wanted their 5.1 home theater system installed with speakers mounted and the speaker wire concealed in the wall. They wanted the TV installed only if the wires could be concealed in the wall for both the TV and speakers. Part of the complexity of this project was that the end user had a hard lid ceiling and no crawl space or basement access.

The Solution

Snap evaluated the layout and consulted the end user. The end user was advised of capabilities to cut the drywall, run all wires, patch the drywall, sand, and then paint the drywall. Once the work was completed, no wires, drywall cuts or repairs could be seen.

The Impact

Snap’s turnkey solution, which employed various crafts and skills, allowed the end user to keep their vision of having their TV installed over the fireplace with their surround sound speakers being mounted in the ceiling. The customer was given comfort and peace of mind in maintaining their anticipated setup without having to restructure their floor plan.