Case Study

Wall Unit Healthcare Integration

The Challenge

The scope of work for this healthcare integration included 1,400+ wall units in the Northeast region of the U.S. Additionally, the work was to be coordinated and completed at over 60+ live facilities with patients present – all with different site contacts, layouts, and requirements. The schedules were determined weekly based on the shipping and product transit to the numerous locations. Pre-existing wall units had to be dismounted and re-visits had to be scheduled within  tight windows for added accessories.

The Solution

Snap Project Management worked closely with the healthcare provider’s lead Project Manager on a weekly basis to determine schedules for the week ahead. A quarter of the way into the project, the provider requested more integrations to be completed weekly.  Snap responded by on-boarding additional teams to work in conjunction with the existing team to maintain the schedule.

The Impact

The healthcare provider’s executive team was able to overhaul and upgrade their patient rooms with a consistent and non-invasive integration. All coordination was confirmed and installation dates were successfully completed.