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One of our major competitive advantages is our expansive, yet close-knit network of dedicated technicians. Building long-standing relationships with our providers enables us to gain more control of the quality and flexibility that is then passed on to our partners. By instilling commitment to quality into our network, we’re confident that every job we take on receives the same, high level of professionalism and care.

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It's No Secret,

We Ensure Success

Insured, Background Checked and Certified

Every tech is background checked, drug compliant, and insured to guarantee our partners’ peace of mind. They are also Snap certified through our extensive on-boarding process.

Quality Measured

Snap utilizes our comprehensive quality management process to ensure only the best technicians are representing Snap Install on every job. All our technicians arrive on the job site in uniform and with ID badges.

True Nationwide Footprint

Snap covers every zip code in the United States. No matter the location or size of the job, we have the resources to satisfy our partners’ needs and will always provide a solution.

Expanding our network everyday

We treat our technicians professionally and ethically, offering in-depth support and competitive pricing.

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Testimonials from

Our Technicians

“I first began working with Snap Install in January 2014. As with any new relationship, there is a learning period as the parties get to know each other. The patience and knowledge of the staff at Snap made this period seem easy. They are always ready to help with technical support, always pay on time, and always treat me with respect. All in all, it has been a great experience – assembling and installing the latest products for major manufacturers, backed by Snap’s team of honest and dedicated people. I plan for this to be a long-term and mutually profitable relationship.”

Wayne – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I have been working with Snap for a while now and it’s always been a pleasure.  They are one of the best, if not the best company I’ve ever done business with.  Snap is honest, dependable and always just a phone call away.  Everyone there is very professional, polite and knowledgeable.  I give Snap 5 stars and look forward to working with them for many more years to come!”

Andy – Houston, TX

“Working with Snap has been a rewarding experience from day one.  Prompt payment for services is always a plus, but the camaraderie, ease of working and communicating with their team is the foundation of our positive relationship.  In our years working with Snap we’ve had no problems–any minor issues or questions are resolved quickly and amicably.  We receive work from numerous national and regional sources; without a doubt Snap is our favorite and most professional.”

Mike – Washington, D.C.

“Richard Branson says to treat your employees well and your clients will be treated better, Snap takes care of both.  The expectations of the customers are always met and the support of their management and dispatch teams are second to none.  I love working with Snap, schedules and assignments are always accurate and they pay when they say they will pay.  Great company to do business with!”

Tim – Albany, NY

“I stopped working with other nationwide service providers due to the lack of loyalty I experienced with them. However, I kept Snap around because they treat me like an important part of their company rather than just another contractor. They are a no-nonsense group of people who respect and treat me like I am one of them. I take pride in completing work for Snap because they take pride in working with me.”

Luis – New York, NY

“Hands down the best company I have ever worked with.  I’ve learned so much from Snap and would recommend them to anyone.  Best business decision I ever made.”

Chris – Boston, MA

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