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About Snap Install

Snap’s expertise allows us to develop and execute turnkey solutions that solve every aspect of our partners’ needs in the areas of Digital Signage, Healthcare Integration, Audio/Video, Retail Technology and Product Recalls. We embed ourselves in our partners’ processes to understand their world and then create customized solutions tailored to their needs.

Our dedicated, high-energy team and our reliable, experienced technician network have a never-say-no attitude. Snap empowers and entrusts our employees and technicians to perform at their best, and the result is exceptional work, individualized attention, and partner satisfaction with every request.

Meet our team

Our Mission

Our mission is to create peace of mind for our partners by providing nationwide turnkey installation solutions. It is our goal to anticipate and understand our partners’ needs and collaborate with them to fulfill those needs in the way that works best for them. We do this by building relationships and becoming fully ingrained in our partners’ processes to become a trusted branch of their company, rather than just another service provider.

Our Services

Snap provides integration, installation, preventative maintenance, recall services, and nationwide rollout management across the entire US and major Canadian markets. To us, communication is key. Our partners rely on us for rapid responses, real-time updates, and a dedicated Project Manager on every job, big or small.

We're Proud to Introduce

Our Team


Travis Peterson Travis Peterson

Travis Peterson


“I have struck out swinging in slow pitch softball.”

Tony Green Tony Green

Tony Green

Director of Business Development
& Client Solutions

“I participated in tap, ballet and jazz for 4 years.”

Al Drake Al Drake

Al Drake

Director of Operations

“I hiked to the top of Mount Elbert, the highest peak in CO that stands over 14,000 ft tall.”

Administration & Sales

Nicole McCarty Nicole McCarty

Nicole McCarty

Administrative Manager

“I have caught my state limit of 6 walleyes in less than 10 minutes.”

Greg Peckham Greg Peckham

Greg Peckham

IT Support Engineer

“I was my elementary school’s 5th grade chess champion.”

Austin Bassett Austin Bassett

Austin Bassett

Network Relations Manager

“I am double jointed in 8 of my 10 fingers.”

Robert Phillips Robert Phillips

Robert Phillips

Corporate Sales Manager

“I am a part time Rock Star when not at the Snap office.”

Konnor Horan Konnor Horan

Konnor Horan

IT Support Specialist

“I was one out away from making it to the Little League World Series.”

Digital Team

David Nelson David Nelson

David Nelson

Manager of Digital Operations

“I caught an 80-lb Halibut deep sea fishing in Alaska.”

Andy Mortenson Andy Mortenson

Andy Mortenson

Senior Project Manager

“I have two 1st place ribbons and a slowpoke ribbon in turtle racing.”

Luke Lee Luke Lee

Luke Lee

Senior Project Manager

“I can name the starting lineup in Homer Simpson’s company softball team.”

Matt Smothers Matt Smothers

Matt Smothers

Project Manager

“I was a Zamboni driver in college.”

Dan Martin Dan Martin

Dan Martin

Project Manager

“One of my eyes is two different colors.”

Bill Heck Bill Heck

Bill Heck

Project Manager

“I spent a semester of college studying abroad in Rome and Athens.”

Michael Muntifering Michael Muntifering

Michael Muntifering

Project Manager

“I am a Combat Veteran and a Volunteer Firefighter, yet I’m terrified of spiders.”

Healthcare Team

Justin Udermann Justin Udermann

Justin Udermann

Manager of Healthcare Operations

“I have 30 aunts and uncles and over 100 immediate family members.”

Garrett Lee Garrett Lee

Garrett Lee

Senior Project Manager

“’I can’t swim.”

Jennifer Goeman Jennifer Goeman

Jennifer Goeman

Project Manager

“I’ve done the Canyon Swing in New Zealand.”

Grant Fingalsen Grant Fingalsen

Grant Fingalsen

Project Coordinator

“I’ve played golf with Frank Viola.”

Alec Thein Alec Thein

Alec Thein

Project Coordinator

“I was the Spelling Bee champ of my 3rd grade class.”

Residential Team

Dan Anfinson Dan Anfinson

Dan Anfinson

Manager of Residential Operations

“I played professional hockey for 2 days.”

Jordan Weber Jordan Weber

Jordan Weber

Project Coordinator

“I won the Stearns County Science Fair in 4th Grade.”

Testimonials from

Our Employees

“Since joining the Snap team, I have been excited about arriving to work every day. In addition to the encouraging co-workers and interactive atmosphere, Snap places value on every employee as a key player in the growth of the company. I’m proud to be involved with a group that focuses on exceeding our goals and having a great time together.”

Nicole McCarty

“I can’t say enough about the ambition and determination of the individuals that make up the Snap team. When it’s time to work we work, and when it’s time to play we play. Working as a team and winning as a team is what we are about here at Snap, and I could not be happier being on board with this group of people.”

Austin Bassett

“The group of people I get to work with on a daily basis is second to none.  Great group that works hard and knows how to have a good time!”

Luke Lee

“The dedication and drive that the employees have here doesn’t compare to any other place that I have worked at.  That hard work shows each and everyday with the type of service that we provide our clients.  It is a great feeling to know that everyone here is working together towards the same goal.”

David Nelson

“Snap is a company where you are not just a number at a desk, we provide an environment to prove each person’s worth and make impactful impressions with clients, technicians and co-workers. We embrace the mentality to build from within and provide opportunities for our employees to advance within the company. This allows us to have a collaborative goal, and everyone involved contributes and experiences the successes of the company. It is fast paced and challenging, yet high spirited and enjoyable.”

Al Drake

“I’ve never been excited to go to work on Monday mornings. But here at Snap, I look forward to seeing what my co-workers were up to over the weekend, excited to see what we’re up to for the week ahead and what new jobs will be on our plate. Plus it feels great to know that we are serving a purpose! I truly enjoy my job and what we do here at Snap – plus we have a great team with excellent leadership.”

Robert Phillips