Your Nationwide Rollout Service Provider

Consistency and streamlined communication are two essential differentiators we deliver on every service we execute across the country. When you partner with Snap, you’ll receive a dedicated, single point of contact to help you manage every aspect of your product rollout, from logistical planning to assembly, installation, connectivity, and more.
Our Network

Digital Signage Installation
Discover a suite of cutting-edge, installation services from Snap Install that include preventative maintenance, staging and kitting, warehousing, and more!
Healthcare Service & Warranty

Snap Install offers both preventative and on-going services to support your brand’s healthcare furniture installation and equipment maintenance needs.

Commercial Audio Visual Installation
Snap Install’s experience in providing a wide range of audio visual installation services extends nationwide to include commercial audio, remote programming, large scale installation, and more!
Product Recall Management
Save your company the stress and hassle of product recall management through a full service solution with Snap Install.
Ergonomic Furniture Installation
Snap Install provides innovative services to meet the installation and maintenance needs of your ergonomic office equipment and furniture.