Case Study

Commercial LED Display Installation

The Challenge

This partner and their customer were eager for a new LED display and needed an installation solution to implement the experience. To complete this makeover, Snap Install was to dismount their current 3×3 display wall and install a new 6×6 curved LED panel wall in its place. This scope of work required precision to ensure the execution of their new display would exceed all viewer expectations.

The Solution

To determine the attributes needed for success, Snap’s experienced team surveyed the commercial site. They confirmed the curved recess would fit the new LED panels. Following the dismounting phase, the on-site technicians restored the damaged wall that would hold their new LED experience. Through proper allocation of resources to meet the site’s standards and provide peace of mind to the involved parties, the curved LED panel wall was ready for implementation.

The Impact

With Snap Install’s turnkey solution for this LED experience, the installation was completed in advance of the scheduled deadline and provided the customer with a new, engaging feature for its viewers to enjoy. The team of project managers and experienced technicians ensured the display transition was seamless and exceeded expectations by removing debris post-install. This new indoor experience has left audiences wanting more, resulting in elevated customer engagement and overall satisfaction.