In today’s fast-paced world, airports have become more than just a transportation hub. They’ve evolved into high-impact media environments with trending interactive, digital signage strategically placed throughout. From the moment travelers step foot inside an airport they are surrounded by these digital experiences, requiring specific considerations from service providers when performing a service or installation. 

To enhance traveler experience, airports have embraced cutting-edge technology. Need to grab a bite to eat? Almost all food merchants within airports have digital menu boards and kiosks, creating an easier ordering process. Looking for something to do before your flight? Interactive wayfinding provides travelers a quick way to identify their options. 

As travelers proceed through their state of transition, merchants have a prime opportunity to influence quick decision making. The digital trends that support “quick” and “easy” use receive the most attention. Emphasized by the marketing efforts of kiosk and wayfinding placement to reach travelers in a highly targeted and impactful way.

In an effort to reduce any disruption in this high-traffic environment, the consumer experience should be a main priority for service providers.  Prerequisites like site surveys ensure that the site is ready, and any exceptions considered before physical product install or service. The working hours may favor an after hours approach when less travelers are present. You might start with having the right partner to consult their experience on the product, but their experience in these transportation hubs should be an essential consideration as well for a successful outcome.