Asset management within the healthcare industry has maintained its high priority over recent years to support patient care efficiency. Through the utilization of AI sensors and preventative maintenance services, the healthcare industry has found a sustainable way of tracking and restoring the health of its equipment that contribute toward their care efforts. 

We’ve come a long way since the use of traditional product tracking methods thanks to technology. Moving away from what was considered labor intensive, AI technology now offers healthcare institutions automated monitoring of asset equipment by tracking their health status, location and maintenance schedule. Consider a large medical provider with a multi-building location, the tracking of their medical carts would be an expansive undertaking without the use of sensor technology, in addition to taking away from the focus on patient care as their priority. 

Having key partnerships that support preventative maintenance plans, such as having next business day contracts, allows for outdated or malfunctioning equipment to be promptly replaced. This not only extends the lifespan of medical equipment, but also ensures intended operation to reduce any risks to patient care. While technology is constantly changing, the routine investment towards ongoing maintenance will reduce any need for outright replacement. 

This proactive planning of asset management reflects a broader trend in the healthcare industry towards leveraging technology for enhanced patient care efficiency. The integration of real-time tracking and preventative maintenance not only ensures the optimal performance of medical equipment but also positions the industry with a sustainable solution to reducing the overhead costs of asset purchases. In turn, providing greater allowance to lead the standards of patient care. 

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HIMSS MN Chapter is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of healthcare information and management systems. Rob Phillips (Corporate Sales Manager at Snap Install) recently was elected Treasurer of the Chapter. As a member, his mission is to exchange information about current issues and to learn about topics that allow for better decision making in the industry and organization.