We kicked off the new year with recent attendance at NRF 2024 Expo to connect with partners on the trends we’re experiencing in the industry. Retail technology is one of the main drivers of growth in the audio visual world, and is constantly evolving to ensure consumers are receiving the best experience possible. Recent field service movements have included AI cameras/sensors, digital displays, robotics, and security measures. The use of one or all of these strategies allows retailers to create a targeted marketing approach for the individual consumer. 

Data Analytics

Retailers are able to receive high value data analytics from AI enhanced cameras and sensors that track movement, level of engagement, and the paths often taken by consumers. The data received from these cameras and sensors allows brands to elevate their consumption rate of their goods by placing premium brands/items in those high traffic areas and taking steps to make their experience as smooth as possible. Placing sensors at the front of the store has been a strategy to not only capture the demographics of the consumers, but also to minimize the rates of theft.

Shelf Edge Displays

Grocery retailers have been transitioning from traditional plastic shelf edges to digital display edges. These wireless displays are able to showcase advertisements, product discounts, and even fun animations for things like Holidays or special events. When a consumer gets within a certain range of the display it will automatically switch to show the price and can also give tailored discounts/deals to that specific consumer. 

Warehousing Robots

Running low on a product? AI enhanced cameras keep track of product inventory and send a signal to on-site robots, letting them know that a certain product needs to be restocked. The robot picks up the product and places it in the correct bay. This process not only gains efficiency but it also reduces human error. Additionally, this system allows for a more streamlined restocking process, freeing up time for retail staff to focus on other aspects of supporting the brand.


Security is a primary focus for retailers and having technology to help minimize theft can save them a great deal of money and time. AI enhanced technology has the capabilities to read facial expressions and body languages of consumers. When a camera detects suspicious activity, it can send an alert to management or a representative in charge of security. These cameras also have facial recognition and can store how much an individual has stolen over a period of time. With products that are frequently stolen, locked digital display cases also help reduce the chances of theft for those particular items.

As the consumer journey continues evolving, having the right technology and partnerships will continue to drive its success. 

National Retail Federation: The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association.

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