It’s no secret that technology has made and continues to make a huge impact in the educational world. Most recently, it allowed our nation’s education system to carry on remotely in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. It appears the opportunities to expand our technology resources to enable learning are endless and thanks to the CARES Act Supplement funding, that may just be true.

Let’s simplify the CARES Act Supplement, officially the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act or CRRSAA, in relation to education and technology. It was passed with the intention of providing The U.S. Dept of Education financial flexibility, more than originally included in the CARES Act, to support a multitude of classroom environments. How do schools fill the gap between in-person and remote classrooms? The answer is using technology. To be honest, the word “critical” comes to mind when applying the necessity of this funding to how the education system was traumatically forced to transform when the COVID-19 pandemic showed its face in 2020. (Oh, 2020. The year we will surely not miss, and never forget).

With the foundational experience built and the funding now available for schools to purchase their best technology-supporting learning solution, how do the companies with these classroom solutions ensure implementation is done right? How do they provide the solution nationwide, consistently? How will this implementation solution evolve as the technology does? There are so many questions.

Now if 2020 has taught us anything, it is how to show your brand is different than the competitors when the world is facing unprecedented challenges. With this increase in demand from the CARES Act, how do you scale your service reach without compromising your customers experience or depleting your bottom line?

Once again with more questions, so how can Snap Install help? We will provide the physical labor, project management and technology expertise to integrate your customer’s customized solution.  From hardware to software to ergonomic upgrades, let our resources be a part of your solution.