The Challenge

Snap was sent out to a fitness facility to swap out a television screen because of a a failed backlight. After further inspection, we put a temporary halt on the project due to a difference in pattern configuration on the new display. After heavy discussion with our partner, we left only one screen up and pushed the articulating mount against the wall so that there was at least one working screen that customer's could see during their visit at the facility. The new display was carefully stored at the site location while the original failed screen was properly disposed.

The scope of work ultimately changed from remounting one display, to installing two brand new displays and mounts.


Our Solution

The studio crew moved treadmills out of the way to provide room prior to arrival. Timing was especially important during this installation because of the fitness center's class schedule.

We were able to complete the project in one day, within a 3 hour period all thanks to our experienced team of project management, our service providers and our partners. 



Small-scale screens in fitness center replaced.