The trend for an on-demand workforce continues to rise, and so does the advancement of dual-purpose technology. It’s time to buckle up and embrace the digital transformation that allows for more data-driven decision making, automated workflows and increased productivity for users everywhere. The idea of dual-purpose technology will have the hot seat as a 2023 priority for the AV industry. Labor markets should be focused on elevating their operational model to meet the enhanced skill set requirements. Having the right partner that you trust is paramount for success in our very connected world.

Let’s check out the top 2023 AV trending dual-technology…

AI – Artificial Intelligence. It is everywhere and here to stay. While the industry has been in a slow, evolving shift to inferred versatility and navigation, we’ve seen the potential application of AI escalate and the investment driven by the return. Retailers will attempt to influence consumer retention, while healthcare will seek less overhead expense with improved outcomes. Everything is built “smart” now, and we’ll continue to learn what we can do with it.

Solar Technology – Think green, think sustainability, think accessibility. There is a focus on making solar technology more accessible and easier to install for both business and personal consumption. The AV industry will continue to influence sustainability with how deeply-rooted technology is in our daily lives, and consumers are eager to earn their Green badge.

Hybrid Workforce Solutions – We all know the 2020 pandemic changed the way we work. Employers now have creative solutions at their fingertips, from temporary modular structures to smart buildings and cities. Employees don’t want to return to the pre-pandemic rigidity, so flexibility and productivity must scale together.

As you consider these trends and your roadmap for 2023 and beyond, it’s important to remember that the right solution isn’t just about the technology. It’s also about finding the right partner to support it.

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