Over the last few years, attracting and retaining customers has been a challenge for storefronts all across the world. In order to continue powering the retail industry, higher engagement levels that are sensory-driven through technology will be the driving factor of consumerism. The immersive retail experience is rapidly expanding with touch displays, QR codes, automated payment terminals, shelf sensing technology, smart mirrors, AI and experimental creativity to encourage a new and exciting way to browse, buy and save. These trends have created a hybrid approach to the online and in-person customer experience with cashless, contactless, and autonomous shopping and delivery.

Our recent attendance at NRF 2023 Expo focused on the innovative retail experience with AV integration at its core. Technology is constantly reshaping the retail environment, from brick-and-mortar locations to supporting the e-commerce boom. These changes are requiring quick decisions and execution to meet consumer needs, with retailers depending on experienced resources that are familiar with the ever-changing product capabilities. Having the right partner that can provide quick SLAs using an AV expert is the turnkey solution to maintaining high consumer engagement levels. If service is needed to restore any aspect of a live retail environment, a trusted parter will ensure that the disruption is handled promptly and professionally.

We are on a consumer-driven journey full of speed and simplicity to create engaging experiences. Success will continue to be driven by having the right partnerships.

National Retail Federation: The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association.

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