Employees want more certainty about post-pandemic working arrangements, but also more autonomy in their choices. So what does that mean for the future of the workplace?

It starts with providing peace of mind. Whether in office, at home or hybrid, implementing a strategy that is flexible will have the most success for all. Next, consider the most important piece… your culture. What defines it and how much change can it withstand? Flexibility doesn’t happen overnight, and culture changes can lead to a variety of consequences.

Here are a 5 Tips For Managing a Flexible Workplace:

  • Daily Check-in’s and Team Stand-up Meetings
    • Grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with your team each morning, from wherever you are! These opportunities can increase team alignment & morale, knowledge transfer for problem solving, and encourage the interpersonal connection.
  • Invest in the Necessary Resources 
    • Able to provide mobile devices for all employees? Perfect. Direct and instant messaging capabilities increase the speed and ease of communication.
    • Are we past the Zoom-burnout phase? Video conferencing is a tool that should not be overused. Set realistic expectations for your staff that work remote, comfortability is a key element of flexibility.
    • Who doesn’t love dual monitor setups? There is no one-size fits all, invest in your employees where it is needed.
  • Set Boundaries
    • Align schedules that allow for productive use of time for both working and holding meetings. Employees need breaks at home, just like they do when they are at the office.
    • Declutter your mental and physical space. Remember, this can be applied to both home and office space.
  • Be Inclusive
    • Optimize employee engagement by providing hybrid activities that don’t leave anyone out. Heard of FOMO? (Fear of missing out). It’s a real thing that can challenge interpersonal connections.
    • Set up an expected communication path for all company news, sharing the good, bad & indifferent. Weekly newsletters can be an excellent outlet for maintaining transparency company-wide.
    • Ask for feedback through electronic suggestion forms. Everyone has a voice and different perspectives that deserve a platform to be heard.
  • Celebrate Often 
    • Not just the big wins, but also the small wins and learning experiences that will lead to a better outcome in the future. Employees need a reason to feel value from the company that they commit their time to.

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