The Challenge

Snap took on a nationwide rollout of credit card pin pads at 400+ retail locations spread across every time zone in the US. It was required that all sites be live and operating under normal business hours during completion of the project, therefore timing and mall logistics were important factors to address. Furthermore, the product could not be on site before time of service.

The work that needed to be performed was at the heart of the retail store where the most traffic occurred.

Our Solution

Snap assigned dedicated Project Managers to oversee the rollout before, during, and after business hours. A schedule was organized, and pre-calls took place each day for the sites that were scheduled. The product was sent to Snap Technicians enabling Snap to provide white glove service.

Technicians were also required to check in and out for quality assurance. Lastly, work was performed around the check-out counters in order to maintain the normal course of business.