As the COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions rescind, companies like Snap have had the opportunity to transition back in the office full-time. Cleaning and disinfecting was of course the #1 priority for our return. Yet, this transition back to the office environment required innovation and creativity to ensure the new guidelines would allow our employees to return to the office safely, while still supporting our interactive and engaging culture.

These new guidelines would reshape our style of working together in the office. From hands-on training to eating lunch together, this next new normal posed more than just logistical challenges. Our daily interactions would require an intentional focus on planning and communication to ensure all guidelines would be followed seamlessly.

As we’ve now been in the office for a few weeks successfully, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that have allowed Snap to not only safely continue our work culture inside the office, but truly strengthen our relationships and partnerships as we face adversity together.

A Few of the Safety Guidelines 

  • Creating a Preparedness Plan and holding training for all employees before arriving at the office for their first time.
  • COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms Questionnaire: Employees returning to work are screened for respiratory symptoms by completing a questionnaire as a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Standardized Walk Flow: After evaluating traffic patterns within the office, Snap implemented a standardized walk flow using directional arrows to reduce crowding in common areas where social distancing is not convenient.
  • Providing Face Masks and Gloves: As an optional measure, employees can utilize the face masks and gloves during their time in the office and when using common areas.

Engagement Tips & Tricks

  • Workplace Safety & Wellness Bingo: Incentivized activity to motivate employees to follow workplace policies and procedures while maintaining mental and physical wellness.
  • Wellness Challenge: Encourage employees to capture pictures of themselves completing wellness activities such as walking outside, staying hydrated, and eating healthy.
  • Creativity Challenge: Utilizing meme and gif generators, task employees to create a piece that represents an aspect of the company to share throughout and with external partners as an extension of your brand!
  • Netflix Party: Share some laughs by utilizing Netflix Party and Google Meets together. Snap’s favorite was an episode of “The Office”.

Snap will continue to share more tips and tricks that have contributed to maintaining culture, balancing routines, and stimulating inclusion that supports our ability to provide solutions for our partners.