The Challenge

Health checks of technical equipment are intended to be a proactive solution to ensuring proper functioning of the equipment to benefit its users. On this specific health check project, Snap was responsible for checking over 100 locations to which the scope included troubleshooting and servicing 'digital stations' (different sized displays, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones). Snap's objective with this health check was to ensure the stations had network and were functioning as intended. The stations were created by our partners to enhance their end users' training experience with touchscreen interaction and product modules.

These stations are made to grow and evolve with information being updated to keep the content relevant. 

Our Solution

Snap service providers were required to provide a list of materials and tools needed for each site. If there was an issue with a station after troubleshooting, we scheduled a follow up visit to replace any equipment needed. In addition, we were asked to check the cable management to make certain all the cables were hidden in the cabinet behind the station.

We will be continuing these checks in the near future for our partners to ensure the success of these digital stations for retail agents and customers.