Although travel is back (and hopefully for good), there has been a shift in the way our industry is connecting. We now have the freedom to refocus on the layers behind the relationship after being forced to find baseline ways of interacting over the past 2 years, but how do we keep the efficiencies high that were developed in the process?  It comes down to the strength of the partnership, with a mix of technology throughout.

To start with the reason behind our connections at Snap, it’s the labor extension. As we look at the future of the AV industry, the need for deploying a technician will inevitably exist even through technological advancements. The worry around technology’s impact on jobs will grow as innovations have the potential to change the labor market, but manufacturers and dealers alike are relying on their service partners more than ever. Supply chain issues and product delays have spotlighted service and warranty programs, as consumers are left with longer waiting periods for new product to become available. Our labor extension reduces the overhead of our partners employing in-house labor resources that may need to travel and allows more projects (and almost as important, repairs) to take place at once to reduce lead-time.

As we look as the ways of connecting, it’s a dance between effectiveness and efficiency for deciding how to spend our time together that Snap’s sales team knows all too well. We have to consider the different opportunities like road shows, office visits, trade shows, virtual trade shows, webinars, panels and more. Are we looking to stay educated on industry trends or to increase brand awareness? Is there an eagerness for in person engagement?

Attendance has slowly increased for trade shows and larger expos as they gain interest for commercial enterprises. The benefit is the opportunity for everyone in the channel to come together to show off the latest and greatest products, discuss upcoming projects and past challenges, a host of excellent training/education sessions, and even an opportunity to purchase product/services on the spot. “To find productivity is to navigate attendance levels and opportunity with meaningful conversations and partnership alignment”, according to Tony Green (Vice President of Business Development) and Rob Phillips (Corporate Sales Manager). The smaller events tied to these larger gatherings provide excellent opportunities to really get to know partners and stimulate well-rounded conversations.

Virtual shows have been equally compelling and engaging, with more efficiency. This way of connecting has seemingly strengthened collaboration opportunity in the industry, where partners put forth additional effort for the highest level of service/engagement possible. We thank the latest technologies for adapting to an accelerating and aggressive “need it now” economy, especially during the widespread pandemic. Our team was able to maintain and strengthen existing relationships and build new ones through the power of video conferencing, and learn from many others in the industry with educational content offered.

No matter the environment of connecting, we are utilizing the technology that’s been created collectively and experiencing increased levels of engagement. We can still benefit from online platforms with the return of travel. It seems reasonable to expect continued webinars, online training, and virtual meetings; allowing individuals to make their own decisions based on comfort-level without compromising the connection behind it. To say there is excitement around travel again is an understatement for most, however the diversity available behind our connections cannot be overstated.

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