The Challenge

Through close communication with our client and the product reseller, Snap was brought in to assist with the logistics of installing 150 wall units at a new healthcare facility. Once contact was made with the end user, the Snap team had to create the most efficient installation schedule that worked with all parties.

With the facility under construction, our on-site team had to be flexible with scheduling to ensure access was available. Additionally, since the site was still owned by the general contractor, our teams had to undergo safety training and wear protective gear throughout the installation process.

Our Solution

The first step to ensuring successful execution was to stage the product prior to the start of installation. The product is usually staged by the end user at a live facility, but with unforeseen challenges brought on by construction, Snap had to refine the installation process to accommodate delays. There was no working elevator until the third day, causing issues with the transportation and staging of product. The installation process was divided; with wall units being installed first, followed by the integration of IT components. However, with four crews on-site each day, the tasks were split to maintain an efficient schedule and complete the scope of work prior to the deadline.

Following the installation of these 150 wall units, the end user was so pleased that they requested Snap to execute an additional integration 184 wall units.