As shipping delays hit an all-time high, U.S. industries are experiencing massive shortages in consumer products with no end in sight. Skyrocketing global shipping prices and transportation congestion are disturbing the U.S. economic recovery from the pandemic, causing massive delays in on-site product arrival.

Specific to the service industry, we’re seeing two trends related to these delays:

  1. Did all of the product arrive to site? Is it the right product?
  2. What product do we actually need for this site? Do we have measurements?

Both instances are resulting in budget and deadline overages when not handled proactively, with many headaches in between. While we do not have a solution to magically fix the shipping delays and product shortages, Snap does have the nationwide footprint to provide site surveys that minimize these trending questions.

What are site surveys and how will they help?

Site surveys are inspections of a designated area to reduce uncertainty and evaluate the pre-work required before an installation or service takes place. As we consider trend #1, a site survey would allow for confirmation of on-site inventory to match the intended scope of work. Missing, damaged, or incorrect product with today’s global shipping crisis can extend project deadlines and budgets drastically. By being proactive with site surveys, our partners are able to get ahead of the product/service wait times that could strain their customers expectations.

Now for trend #2, let’s say we have a partner that is planning a nationwide rollout of their product for a commercial retailer. The end result has been agreed to through a purchase agreement, but an understanding of each location’s environment for the execution is unknown. There is no better time than now to start with a site survey at each location, to:

  • Assess the current space or location obstacles
  • Take measurements for product specifications
  • Determine resource needs for execution
  • Estimate time of service to prevent additional cost(s)
  • Confirm power and data are in place
  • Document any and all findings related to the intended service

Our experienced technicians capture the exact products to order and create the right scope of work for each site, with the goal of  executing the project accurately, on time and within budget. If or when product is delayed, by at least framing the right scope of work with the site survey we’ve increased the chance of success once the product is available.

Taking the proactive approach can save you a few headaches, and a significant amount of time and money spent while navigating these product and shipping challenges. We’re here to optimize your brand with our experience and bring your solutions to life… even during unprecedented times.