The Challenge

Snap was asked to install a 3×3 video wall for the Coney Island DMV in a weekend timeframe with significant parameters and requirements necessary for success. In particular, the video wall system was on a custom mount that needed to be assembled and lifted over 30 feet in the air, requiring a lift on-site to complete. Therefore, it was also imperative that the structural integrity of the beams supporting the wall be reinforced.

Because this project was a part of extensive renovations and other projects were taking place throughout the location, timing was crucial and the work needed to be completed over a weekend.

Our Solution

Snap prepared for the project very thoroughly and systematically. Multiple site surveys were completed prior to the installation date. In addition, consultations with iron fabricators, structural engineers, bracket manufacturers, and electricians were performed, followed by multiple conference calls with all of these contractors together.

Having used many resources to prepare, Snap was ready when the installation date arrived. The video wall mount, which had to be customized for this application, was pieced together, and a hydraulic lift was used to lift it 30 feet to its destination.