The Challenge

This installation was taking place in a foreign country on the other side of the world. Therefore, it was necessary for the team of Snap Project Managers and installers to coordinate with a local facilities team and another local integrator in charge of the project, both overseas. With multiple schedule changes (scheduled to start in December of 2017 and complete in mid-April 2018) and a 9-hour time difference, Snap had to ensure this project went off without a hitch.

As the experts, Snap worked with the local integrators on issues that arose while on-site and answered questions for the local facilities team, the only installers authorized to drill into the walls.

Our Solution

Snap assisted in bringing all the parties together prior to the start of the project to ensure that upon arrival, all product had been delivered and received through customs safely. Coordination was performed with the site under construction to prepare for the installation of multiple LED tickers throughout 3 separate campuses.

Through communication with all parties associated with this project, Snap was able to confirm that the installation of 8 LED tickers (on both straight and curved walls) was a complete success.