Updated Safety Guidelines Announced

Maintaining safety in our work locations is a top priority and will be an ongoing process. Thanks to the support from our technicians, the following safety guidelines are now required:

  • Continue completing the COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Checklist prior to arriving on-site.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines and maintain a safe distance from other individuals while on-site.
  • Arrive to site with a face covering, and wear throughout time on-site unless instructed differently.
  • Maintain gloves and disinfectant supplies on-hand to utilize as necessary.
  • Refrain from any discussion while on-site with other crews or customers regarding any personal experience with COVID-19.
  • Always wash hands or use ABHR (alcohol-based hand rub) throughout the time on-site and while working.
  • Never shake hands with, touch, or hug individuals during the time on-site or while working.
  • Note “Waived – COVID-19” in the job completion details on the service ticket if the customer does not want to complete the signature portion.

COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Checklist Implemented

As of March 20, 2020, Snap’s IT Department implemented a COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Checklist to screen our network of nationwide technicians on all jobs during this national emergency we are all facing. To streamline our ability of gathering this information, the checklist has been incorporated into our mobile app and allows Snap to proactively recognize exposure risks and protect your customers.

The screening questions within the COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Checklist are based on current preventative measures provided by the CDC. We are able to report off of the checklist data on all of your jobs if needed, and will continue to adapt as further information becomes available from the CDC.

Signature Policy Revised

In light of recent social distancing measures put in place throughout the US and Canada, if your customer does not want to complete the signature portion of our service ticket, our technicians will note “Waived – COVID-19” in the job completion details on the service ticket. The safety of our technicians and your customers are our highest concern and we are committed to doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the communities we all serve.