As travel and work restrictions continue to arise due to the novel coronavirus, companies have had to make the transition toward teleworking for all staff. This important change in work environment has allowed businesses to maintain their services, however created new challenges for sustaining its culture. For many companies like Snap, this change in daily interaction has stimulated the need to adapt communication methods to continue their essential services.

We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that have allowed Snap to not only continue our work culture, but truly strengthen our relationships and partnerships as we face adversity together.

Video Meetings

This type of platform allows employees to continue face to face interaction while maintaining social distancing. From one-on-one meetings to company-wide engagements, Video conferencing provides an excellent opportunity to maintain alignment within teams, co-workers, and partners.

  • Tips & Tricks:
    • Water Cooler Sessions: an opportunity to socialize with each other anytime during business hours as they would during normal operations.
    • Virtual Happy Hours: an exciting chance for all employees at the end of each week to celebrate the small wins and have a good time together.

Engagement Activities

We’ve found working from home can disrupt routines that relate to maintaining physical and mental health, as well as setting boundaries between work and home time. A balance of these aspects are important for increasing engagement, sustaining a new “normal” routine and supporting productivity.

  • Tips & Tricks
    • Workplace Bingo: generating content that drives a routine and encourages rest time. This includes items such as “Drink Water Instead of Coffee” and/or “Take A 10 Minute Walk”.
    • Selfie Challenge: sharing pictures of yourself in front of your workspace and/or with your work from home buddies. The work from home buddies could include family, pets, and other items that contribute to the remote working environment.
    • Information Sharing: circulating helpful resources to align the mentality that we are all in this together and supporting any uncertainty for employees during the transition to telework.

As Snap adapts to its new “normal” of teleworking, we will share more tips and tricks that have contributed to maintaining culture, balancing routines, and stimulating communication that allows us to continue providing essential services for our partners.