The Challenge

The scope of this healthcare integration project included having over 4,000 units installed and integrated within 180 days at multiple locations in the Los Angeles surrounding area. In addition to multiple locations, the units were to be installed on multiple floors for many departments.

Each location was a live healthcare facility with patients and doctors present, therefore all scheduled services needed to be heavily coordinated and completed on their scheduled dates. At the same time, the construction taking place during the project necessitated an ever-evolving schedule of service dates and locations.

Our Solution

Snap began with a trip to the site for a pre-service consultation to outline the project. Scheduling and logistics were then coordinated with the General Contractor overseeing the entire operation. Snap’s service team was expanded in order to handle the capacity of the project, including the constantly changing schedule.

In order to ensure and maintain consistency across all installs, the same installation team performed all work. Weekly status reports of completed units were provided throughout the project.