Case Study

Multiple TV Hangs With Drywall Cutting

The Challenge

This residential installation included mounting four TVs in a client’s new home, along with relocating the electrical outlet and concealing low voltage cabling. Two of the TVs were to be mounted over fireplaces. The client requested minimal drywall cutting for the work to be completed with no visible wires.

The Solution

Leveraging years of experience and a little creativity to ensure all the work was completed per the client’s request, Snap started by evaluating the best possible installation method. After consultation with the client, the plan was implemented with perfection. The service team mounted all four TVs, relocated all power outlets, concealed all the cabling, and cut, patched and painted the drywall. The result was a clean and visually appealing installation.

The Impact

The client was able to successfully have all their A/V components installed per their specifications, which ensured this aspect of their relocation was a seamless and stress-free experience. Combining various skill sets into one allowed Snap to have only one service team to complete the work. This minimized the stress and coordination of the relocation to the new residence and resulted in a turnkey solution.