Case Study

Schick’s Audio/Video Installation

The Challenge

For this rapid turn-around project, Snap was asked to install audio/video equipment in a relocating customer’s home, similar to how it was configured in their previous home. The customer was hosting a party, and the A/V installation was a critical piece to have ready. This was a last minute request in a rural area and required a highly skilled Snap team to meet their complex needs: the customer wanted 4 screens installed (2X2) with evenly spaced gaps between all 4 screens. Low voltage wires had to be run and electrical components had to be relocated for each location on the wall.

The Solution

Snap provided next business day service, therefore causing minimal disruption to the customer’s life during the relocation process. Although the customer was short on some A/V supplies, Snap was able to provide a turnkey solution by arriving prepared with a fully stocked truck. All 4 screens were installed to specs and worked properly post installation.

The Impact

Snap was able to provide both the client and the end user with confidence that the end user would quickly be able to return to their normal life after their relocation. The end user held their party as planned and was extremely grateful. Snap demonstrated flexibility and range of skill in ensuring the customer’s full satisfaction.